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What Constitutes a Wrongful Foreclosure?

Wrongful foreclosure is a civil cause of action based on allegations of foreclosure fraud. Fraud can occur across multiple facets of the foreclosure process, including botched documents, unscrupulous lenders or predatory foreclosure mediators. Each jurisdiction handles claims of foreclosure fraud differently, with some states aggressively penalizing perpetrators, while others are more hesitant to intervene. One…
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Who We Are

Unlike other companies making promises they cannot keep, we are a law firm. We represent homeowners in lawsuits against the often reckless and malicious tactics used by the big banks.
While the banks are not obligated to provide you with a loan modification or offer assistance, they are obligated to give you the opportunity to do so. They do not always treat borrowers with the level of respect they deserve. As you have read on this page, you have rights that the banks must observe. We make sure they do, or they pay.
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