Loan Modification Denied

Was your Loan Modification Denied! The best advice we can give is, don’t give up.

If your loan modification has been denied, you have options. We can review your current efforts in obtaining a loan modification or even direct you to other options to avoid foreclosure.

We understand that this process is frustrating. We see this time and time again and we understand what you are going through. There are many reasons why loan modification applications are denied. It is important to first determine the problem and then figure out how to resolve it.

There are several reasons why your loan modification application has been denied or rejected. A few of them are listed below:


  • Insufficient documentation (all income has to be proven with documentation)
  • Trial plan payment default (no late or missed payments allowed)
  • Ineligible borrower (the homeowner has to be a qualified borrower)
  • 1st lien mortgage expense is already below 31% of household income
  • Ineligible type of mortgage (interest only mortgages are usually disqualified)


These are just a few reasons why modifications are denied or the applications rejected.

If you really want to bring the bank to the table and get to the bottom of your loan modification denial, give us a call 916-442-6400.

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